Photo series, Marrakech Biennale Parallel Projects, 2016 10 photographs, 46x66cm, Archival Pigment Print   The project Shadows is a series of photographs made from public domain images that were made available by the U.S. Department of Defense, specifically, from the Operation Iraqi Freedom mission. I have taken this series of images and digitally removed the […]


Photo series, Berlin Program for Artists Exhibition, 2019 Archival Pigment Print, 110cm x 80cm Four rock formations from Germany’s Externsteine stand in for the figures in family portraits.Two vastly different landscapes float above one another, casting a shadow, separated by both space and time for a look at the present in the context of the […]

How Can I See What You Saw?

Published by the Ruya Foundation: Photo courtesy of Nadine Hattom It is said that my grandfather, Ghareeb Jabur Al Saddawi, a silversmith, owned a shop on River Street in Baghdad. And every year, he made the long journey to Egypt to sell his creations. He was so skilled that if you found one of his silver […]

Maysaa and Fetheya

Photo Installation, Großer Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin 2013. Two lightboxes (102cm x 88cm), concrete, readymades. “Maysaa and Fetheya departs from figural representations of women to explore other transmissions of identity. Maysaa and Fetheya considers ordinary objects and daily life as crucial markers of our essential selves and how we relate to one another. In photographs […]

Amman Pasha Hotel

Installation, Braakland Fotomuseum Antwerp, 2017 Archival Pigment Print, Clay, Wood, LED, Battery   On a trip to Amman, Jordan, I photographed the cityscape to inspect the it in my studio on my return. I was captivated by the Amman Pasha Hotel and began to research its history. What I would uncover is a fantastical story of […]


5 Multimedia installations, P21 Gallery, London, 2016 Curated by Rawan Serhan Group art exhibition with Roberto Abuin, Nadine Hattom, Joe Hornby, Marco Pando, Lisa Premke, Rawan Serhan, Eduardo Suarez Seven practitioners from different cultural and professional backgrounds have joined together to explore interconnections of their four mother-tongues: Spanish, Arabic, English and German. Languitecture is inspired […]

The Apathetic Landscape

Photo Installation. Stadtbad Steglitz, Berlin 2013. C-print (157cm x 135cm), Acrylic paint, wood, rock, glass bottle, plastic bag, sand, metal, bush. The Apathetic Landscape consists of an image taken in the Syrian desert in Jordan, 240 kilometres from Iraq. The installation is an exploration of a lost home and the ordinary objects that bind one […]