• Two Unequal Winds

    Two Unequal Winds

    Info: Photo series of 8 images; archival pigment print; framed; 82.5 x 110 cm Text: Two Unequal Winds features a series of landscape photographs captured in military training areas across Germany. This work examines why the military, both past and present, has occupied these particular landscapes for their operations, raising the question: what role does sand…

  • Until the River Winds Ninety Degrees West – 57th Venice Biennale Iraq Pavilion

    Until the River Winds Ninety Degrees West – 57th Venice Biennale Iraq Pavilion

    ‘Until the River Winds Ninety Degrees West’, Iraq Pavilion 57th Venice Biennale Info: Group exhbition with Francis Alÿs comprising 7 vitrines in the Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti, Venice. Site-specific installation in 1 vitrine; dimensions 140 x 165 cm; clay, cloth, sand, water, rocks, archival pigment print photo collage, photogravure. Text: The commission for the 57th Venice Biennale…

  • Shadows


    Info: Photo series of 10 images; archival pigment print, 46 x 66 cm. Edition of 5 + 2 AP. Private collection, London, UK. Exhibited: Marrakech Biennale 6, Gallery Mario Kreuzberg, NYU ISAW Text: The work ‘Shadows’ is a series of ten digitally modified photographs from the Department of Defense Operation Iraqi Freedom archive. Each photograph…

  • Formation


    Info: Photo installation of 4 images; archival pigment print;  80 x 116 cm, 80 x 109 cm, 80 x 112 cm, 80 x 125 cm Text: The Externsteine are a sandstone rock formation located in the Teutoburg Forest, north west of Germany. These rocks struck me as they stood tall, forming a family portrait. Bearing…

  • How Can I See What You Saw?

    How Can I See What You Saw?

    Published by the Ruya Foundation: https://ruyafoundation.org/en/2017/03/4625/ Photo courtesy of Nadine Hattom It is said that my grandfather, Ghareeb Jabur Al Saddawi, a silversmith, owned a shop on River Street in Baghdad. And every year, he made the long journey to Egypt to sell his creations. He was so skilled that if you found one of his silver…

  • Maysaa and Fetheya

    Maysaa and Fetheya

    Info: Diptych; Light box (2); 89 x 103.3 x 15 cm; Edition of 5 + 2 AP Exhibited: Großer Wasserspeicher Berlin, Gallery Mario Kreuzberg Text: I travelled to Jordan with the intent to visit the Al Zaatari refugee camp on the Jordanian border. The Arab Women Organisation (AWO) advised me against visiting the camp as…

  • Amman Pasha Hotel

    Amman Pasha Hotel

    Installation, Braakland Fotomuseum Antwerp, 2017 Archival Pigment Print, Clay, Wood, LED, Battery   On a trip to Amman, Jordan, I photographed the cityscape to inspect the it in my studio on my return. I was captivated by the Amman Pasha Hotel and began to research its history. What I would uncover is a fantastical story of…

  • Languitecture


    5 Multimedia installations, P21 Gallery, London, 2016 Curated by Rawan Serhan Group art exhibition with Roberto Abuin, Nadine Hattom, Joe Hornby, Marco Pando, Lisa Premke, Rawan Serhan, Eduardo Suarez Seven practitioners from different cultural and professional backgrounds have joined together to explore interconnections of their four mother-tongues: Spanish, Arabic, English and German. Languitecture is inspired…

  • Masses & Impersonation: Darkness

    Masses & Impersonation: Darkness

    Performance series, Projektraum Drifters, 2014, Berlin In three acts, Masses and Impersonation is an abstraction of global politics, a formula of inner conflicts of identity and ideology. Created by Nadine Hattom and Franziskus Nakajima. projektraumdrifters.de

  • The Apathetic Landscape

    The Apathetic Landscape

    Photo Installation. Stadtbad Steglitz, Berlin 2013. C-print (157cm x 135cm), Acrylic paint, wood, rock, glass bottle, plastic bag, sand, metal, bush. The Apathetic Landscape consists of an image taken in the Syrian desert in Jordan, 240 kilometres from Iraq. The installation is an exploration of a lost home and the ordinary objects that bind one…

  • The Love Story of Bayad and Riyad/حديث بياض ورياض

    The Love Story of Bayad and Riyad/حديث بياض ورياض

    Photo Installation. Galerie Pavlova, Berlin 2014. C-Print, Wood, Gouache on paper.

  • Gesture – Trust in Fiction

    Gesture – Trust in Fiction

    Collage, Gesture – Trust in Fiction, Blond&Gilles/Marks Blond Project, Luzern http://www.957.ch/Fiction,_Trust_in_Fiction.html