Amman Pasha Hotel

Installation, Braakland Fotomuseum Antwerp, 2017

Archival Pigment Print, Clay, Wood, LED, Battery


On a trip to Amman, Jordan, I photographed the cityscape to inspect the it in my studio on my return. I was captivated by the Amman Pasha Hotel and began to research its history. What I would uncover is a fantastical story of migration, resilience and the search for home.


Tom Nys

“Nadine Hattom bridges the gap between photography and sculpture in her artistic practice. She introduces three-dimensional elements to a piece and converts flat images into objects. This concept of transformation is central to her work: she invites the public to read an image in the same way as one would a word, so that it is open to interpretation. Her series are presented as narrative constructions in which identity, the landscape of the Middle East and personal memories play key roles. The main element of the installation is a cityscape of Amman, the capital of Jordan. The Amman Pasha Hotel is visible. The hotel owner is a Palestinian who took his family to Australia but eventually returned to the Middle East.”